Beautiful Skyline Park

3173 Fairlea Road, Santa Ynez, CA

Property Description

1. New Certainteed vinyl windows with Low E2 Cardinal glass were installed. The existing window sizes in the three downstairs bedrooms were enlarged to meet egress regulations.

2. Deck was rebuilt using pressure treating framing material and TimberTech Evolution decking that was installed using concealed fasteners.

3. The wood floors in the living, dining, and area next to the dining room are new. The bedrooms and hall have the original flooring.

4. The old part of the house has button board and plaster, new and remodeled portions have 5/8 gyp board.

5. A hot water recirculation system controlled by a timer and an aqua stat result in almost instant hot water at the kitchen and baths.

6. There is central air conditioning.

7. R30 insulation was added to the attic. The raised floor is also insulated.

8. An attic fan in the attic over the single story part of the house controlled by a thermostat greatly reduces the heat picked up in the house during the hot weather.

9. Insulated garage doors.

10. 95% of the house, inside and out, has just been freshly painted.

11. The family room ceiling has sound deadening insulation and isolation channel installed which greatly reduce the sound transmission between the upstairs and downstairs.

12. An exposed aggregate driveway was constructed over a regraded base which eliminated the ponding of rainwater that used to occur next to the house.

13. Rain gutters were added to the complete perimeter of the house. All the downspouts were lead to the street.

14. A sump pump was installed in the crawl space as that area used to collect water in heavy rains. The pump only came on once which was right after it was installed (in 1997). The gutters and new driveway eliminated the pooling of water in the crawlspace.

15. The master bathroom and the bathroom off the adjacent bedroom were remodeled.

16. When the roof was replaced in 1997 the existing space sheathing was covered with solid sheathing.

17. New smoke detectors were added to the existing house when the addition was done that are hardwired and linked to the smoke detectors in the addition.

18. There is a natural gas supply to the deck for a barbecue.