Patti Cotter knows just one way to approach life. She makes it

It doesn't require much time to recognize the symbiotic relationship Patti Cotter has with her horses. As she sets out on a morning ride from her Santa Ynez homestead, there's no shouting of commands or tugging at the reins. Instead, Patti communicates purely through subtle suggestions and a calm, reassuring voice. "It takes time to understand how incredibly sensitive horses are, Patti says, "but once you get into the mind of the horse, then just the right touch will get them to do exactly what you want them to do.

Those who know Patti best will tell you her strong personal connection with her horses is merely a reflection of how she approaches everything in life. That personal connection extends not only to her horses, but also to her love for the Santa Ynez Valley, to her husband of many years, and to her clients in her long-running real estate career.

A Personal Pursuit

The ability to ride her horses three to four days a week is just one reason why Patti enjoys living in the Santa Ynez Valley so much. She and her husband, Jeff, discovered the area in the late '70s and immediately fell in love with the wide-open spaces, the beautiful terrain, and the unique dichotomy it represented rural in setting, yet urban in thinking. "It was like coming home to a dream, Patti says. "We both developed such strong, personal connections to the area, and now we simply couldn't imagine living anywhere else. Patti raised her two daughters here and today, enjoys any opportunity to spend time with her grandchildren.


Success Since 1988

Prior to arriving in Santa Ynez, Patti had worked as a family therapist and a teacher. Her passion for the area inspired a new pursuit, however, and since 1988 she's excelled at helping people buy and sell real estate throughout the Santa Ynez Valley. True to her nature, her success is based on the personal touch that is the hallmark of her extraordinary service. Patti explains: "I've always opted for quality over quantity. I prefer to limit the number of clients I work with in order to ensure I'm able to provide the standard of personalized service my clients deserve.

A Personal Connection

When you choose Patti to guide the sale or purchase of your home, you'll sense her devotion to your needs and goals every step of the journey. She draws on her decades of real estate experience while serving her clientele with the utmost discretion. Whenever you need her advice, she'll be there to provide all the information you need in order to make the best decisions for your future. So when the time comes for your next move, put A Personal Connection on your side by giving Patti a call today.